“My brother Colin put me onto your pendants”

Dear Ryan,
My brother Colin put me onto your pendants, he is in Greece. Just wanted to let you know that my mother has been having fantastic results, with her arthritic fingers.

Colins girlfriend has used the pendants on headaches and had immediate results, so very excited about getting them.

“I had constantly battling stress at work due to the nature of my job”

Dear Ryan,
Over the years, I had constantly battling stress at work due to the nature of my job.

Sitting the whole day facing multiple computer monitors made me exhausted, tired and irritable. My ears were hurt the longer I stayed talking on a wireless phone. So often times I had to destress by going to hot springs and beaches. At that time I didnt really know what it was about these places that made me feel healthy until I learnt about negative ions.

I read some works of Nikola Tesla about scalar energy and eventually led me to Ryan’s website. I did some research to know a credible entrepreneur to buy a scalar pendant so I purchased from Ryan.

When I got my pendant and tried it on I immediately felt my heartbeats were a little faster than the normal. I no longer felt tired after a long day at work and I could watch movies on my laptop all day long with no uncomfortable feeling at all. Also true enough when I tried eating junk foods while wearing the pendant it made me vomit so I guess thats part of its detoxification process. My sleep has been amazing. I also tried to put it in my aquarium and the day after I noticed the water became clear and the fishes were very active.

I gave one pendant to my mom and she said she felt she had much energy to do some household chores. This is like I carry with me the benefits of going to beaches and hotsprings – only I carry it all the time at my convenience.

“I’m beyond surprised that my order has already arrived”

Dear Ryan,
I’m beyond surprised that my order has already arrived. I came come today, and in my mail, was indeed the package that was shipped on the 4th! (I literally danced from the mailbox gleefully with my daughter)

You both have been very responsive and very kind, even giving me a copy of the ebook to boot. I’m truly stunned and amazed by the excellent quality of service that I’ve received from you both. I didn’t think great service and kindness still existed in business. Yet you’ve both given me hope that there are still good people out there.

Hope this email finds you both well. Though words seem cheap these days, all I can offer is my sincere thanks for being so kind and “on top” of things.

“Received my pendants and absolutely love them”

Dear Ryan,
Received my pendants and absolutely love them. I am getting zaps in brian though, like the ones you get one coming off antidepressants.

BTW…I sent my boyfriend one who has been suffering from depression and he has said he has felt a change as well in himself. We love the pendants. Thank you.

“I personally recommend this product”

When I first ran into scalar energy pendant it was 2011. I had been looking into qi gong and somehow stumbled across this site. I did my due diligence and got knowledge about the theory of why it works and the benefits. All of that is pretty useless without the experience of using the product. When the pendants arrived I attempted a muscle test. With one off I was able to do sets of 3 pull ups. With it on I was able to do sets of 10 pull ups.

It’s now 2014, I’ve given away and replaced because of losing them a total of 10. I personally recommend this product.

“My headaches have been almost non-existent”

Dear Ryan,
In my 47 years I have never written a fan letter. However, I felt compelled to let you know about my experience with the Scalar Energy Pendant. A friend of mine – who is a holistic naturalist and lives a very healthy lifestyle, bought me – someone who leads a very mainstream, sugar and gluten induced lifestyle, an energy pendant to help reduce my daily headaches. Being the skeptic that I am, I poo pooed the idea that a necklace could eliminate something that I have lived with for 35 years. My migraines started when I was 12 and are the kind that begin with pin-hole vision and end in a 3-day excruciating headache. Aside from frequent migraines, I also have had daily headaches for many years. Additionally, I have severe asthma that is activated by allergies and exercise.

That said, for most of my life I have been a recreational athlete – joining teams in high school, college and beyond to have fun rather than to be an uber competitor. This past year, I decided it was time to refine my athletic ability and subsequently joined two competitive teams, but injuries kept stalling my personal progress.

That brings me to two months ago. That super healthy friend of mine, gave me the gift of a lifetime with the Scalar Energy Pendant. Once I put my skepticism aside, I began wearing the pendant as prescribed. My headaches have been almost non-existent with its use. My asthma, although still present, is controlled without an inhaler, and my training in the gym has been injury free and strength building. I wore the pendant on the day that I became the New Jersey state record holder for the deadlift in my age/weight class. At 47 that feels pretty terrific.

I have become a fast fan of the Scalar Energy Pendant and I look forward to its continued help with my health and body. And perhaps it might even encourage me to go sugar and gluten free (one day, but not now!).

“I noticed the effects right away”

Before the scalar energy pendant I was tired…sluggish and could not find the motivation to workout…so I begin doing a little research to see what could possibly help with this issue I was having…I came across a few things but I decided to go with the scalar energy pendant and to my surprise I noticed the effects right away…and man I couldn’t have made a better choice…

I’m a month and a half into my routine with a ton of confidence and energy and just feeling better about life in general…so thank you Ryan for making this information available I know it’s helping lots of people it sure has helped me and I challenge you all to try it and see for yourselves you won’t be disappointed…peace & love

“He phoned a few hours later to tell me that his joint pain was gone”

Initial response – (We also want to say we LOVE the effect of these products. My son’s joint aches left………immediately with the bracelet. My husband was able to up his weights and reps during his workout significantly and is finding it hard to develop muscle fatigue! I have noticed improved energy and near elimination of muscle soreness. We are excited about this product!)

Follow-up – My husband, I, my daughter and son are all using the Quantum Science scalar necklaces and one bracelet. We ordered because we had been concerned for quite a while about the increased EMF’s in our daily lives and wanted to safely and easily nullify the effects. Our experiences have been quite amazing and rapid! My husband is a health nut and in serious shape at age 52. He works out 5 days a week in an intensive weight program and additionally has played hockey throughout his life. After only ONE day of wearing his necklace he was able to up his weights and reps and has CONTINUED to do so, finding it hard to attain muscle fatigue/burn. Additionally muscle recovery has been quite impressive! Scant muscle soreness after intense workouts. After 7 years of NO skating I decided to go skating. I have been amazed! I experienced no muscle burn and almost NO muscle soreness from this. I have continued to skate once a week and have yet to feel my muscles hurt. We both are very aware that we both have been using muscle sets that have been previously unused with miniscule after-effect in terms of stiffness, soreness and fatigue! My son was given the bracelet. He did not know what it was for except that it helped protect from EMF’s (he wasn’t told about HOW the EMF’s can affect a person in regards to muscles). I told him just to wear it. He phoned a few hours later to tell me that his joint pain was gone. He had been complaining for a long time about how his joints hurt. We are experiencing better sleep and better quality of energy. It has been very informative to find out just how much of what we consider ‘normal’ in terms of how we feel to NOT be how we were designed to function, prior to living in a world inundated with EMF’s. AMAZING results!

“WITHOUT the pendant I’m like a ZOMBIE!”

Having used your pendant (and stickers, cards and germanium bracelet) for about one year now, I can attest that it really is a MUST product.

There have been several times when I’ve started to wonder, why I’m, for some unknown reason, VERY tired, can’t think clearly (not always even had power to think at all!!) and just feeling like sh*t. And then I’ve remembered: I’m not wearing the pendant! The relief is immediate and the fog in body and mind starts to disappear. I know it sounds like pseudo science for many people but I don’t care, it’s true for me! You know it too as well as many others who’ve worn the pendant.

I try to live a very healthy life and put a lot of work and money into my health, even then I still find myself VERY sensitive to EMFs and electronics.

It seems that I’m pretty immune to wireless networks and EMF radiation with the pendant. Without it, I’m like a zombie – that is sadly reality for most of the people. And of course, the physical energy seems to be limitless – as long as a I wear the thing (not even grounding is that effective!). Besides, I have orgonites, tetrahedrons, healing stones, salt lamps, ionizer and things like that in our home, so we’ve made a fog-free zone here 🙂

I just want to say my loudest thanks to you. You are saving lives and waking peoples minds, enabling them to THINK again and feel GREAT.