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All About EMF And Scalar Energy

This site is all about EMF, quantum scalar energy pendants and related products. We have provided you with in-depth resources to help you better understand EMF and decide if you want protection from its effects. We start below with a video and our downloadable Ebook. These will provide you with a lot of information about EMF and the ability of negative ions to counter the effects of EMF. We then highlight a few of the important things to know (especially for those who didn’t watch the video or read the ebook). Finally, we show you our Featured Products. 
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Earth Energy

The #1, most important thing to understand about Scalar Pendants is that they put us back in touch with the earth!

All biological life requires exposure to earth energy on a daily basis to maintain proper optimal health. Most of us are not receiving exposure to earth energy that we regularly need. In addition, we’re completely bombarded with man made energies and frequencies that can completely destabilise our health!

It’s no coincidence that there has been an alarming shift in health problems over the last 30+ years as a result of the technological revolution. The replacement of natural environments full of negative ions and earth energy with man-made environments full of EMF (and positive ions) has had an extremely detrimental effect on our health that will only become truly apparent in the next 10-20 years.

THANKFULLY, Scalar Pendants with concentrated volcanic ash are available. They emit negative ions and earth based energy frequencies that benefit the body on a continual 24/7 basis. They neutralize the man-made energy and frequencies we cannot avoid every day of our lives!

Want More Info?

If you want to know more about Scalar Energy Pendants, you can click on the link below to get a free copy of our downloadable ebook.

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Pendant Benefits

  1. Improve mood and mental outlook (as proven in both negative ion studies and customer feedback)
  2. Reduce pain and inflammation
  3. Improve resistance to EMF emitting devices
  4. Boost immunity by reducing red blood cell clumping
  5. & MUCH MORE!

How Will You Feel?

How will you feel from wearing a Quantum Pendant?

You will Have more energy and you will feel more relaxed.
You will have more concentration. Essentially every side effect that you are experiencing as a result of EMF exposure will be reduced.

Think about how you feel when you walk barefoot on a beach or take a walk through nature (where there is an abundance of negatively charged electrons). Now consider the fact that you could wear or carry something with you every day that can give you a piece of that. Wouldn’t it be worth having?

How many unknown symptoms are you suffering from? How much better could you feel? Health isn’t about dramatic immediate shifts but gradual changes for better or for worse. Our technological laden environments have gradually reduced our overall health to levels to which we've become numb and jaded. We no longer realize just how much better we should be feeling.

Do you ever find it odd that you feel so much healthier when you are out in a natural environment? You assume that it’s just the air? Did you know that fresh, healthy air is like that because of the negatively charged electrons in the air. Take them away and nature wouldn’t have nearly as much of the invisible draw that it does.

So in a nutshell, a Quantum Pendant provides relief from numerous symptoms while giving you a defense against the modern electronic world we surround ourselves with. A Quantum Pendant is truly the only real protection we have in our modern world against our ever growing technological bubble.

Some of the products currently on sale

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Shungite Pendant
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