About Us

ScalarPendants.com is part of a “family” of sites focused on scalar energy products. This site primarily provides information on Scalar Energy and EMF. Our online store is located on our “sister” site QuantumPendants.org. This site provides limited product information however; it does provide links to our online store to get more detailed information and to purchase pendants and/or other products.
Our scalar energy pendants and related products such as bracelets emit deep earth energy. We’ve been selling them since 2010 and have sold thousands in this time with a great deal of positive feedback! We have researched and personally used these products over many years. We’d like to help you to improve your health, ward off inflammation and counter the negative effects which result from EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields) exposure. 
We are located in Ontario, Canada. Our customers are around the world. We ship through Canada Post to a specific list of countries. You can see more details in the FAQ