How They Work

MIND: Negative ions improve brain function, focus, concentration, help to reduce frequency and severity of headaches
BODY: Improve sleep, increased strength and endurance, faster healing and recovery, pain/inflammation reduction
SPIRIT: Improve sense of well-being, increase in serotonin (feel good hormone), feel more present and improve meditative pursuits. Reconnect to earth energy on a daily basis

Earth Energy And Its Many Benefits!

The #1, MOST important thing to understand about the Scalar Pendant is that it puts us BACK in TOUCH with the earth! ALL biological life REQUIRES exposure to earth energy on a daily basis to maintain proper optimal health. Not only are MOST of us NOT receiving exposure to earth energy that we regularly need, but we’re COMPLETELY bombarded with man made energies and frequencies that can completely destabilize our health!
It’s no coincidence that there has been a massive alarming shift in health problems with the technological revolution over the last 30 years. The replacement of natural environments full of negative ions and earth energy for man made environments full of EMFs and positive ions has had an extremely detrimental effect on our health that will only become truly apparent in the next 10-20 years.
THANKFULLY Scalar Pendants Exist! With concentrated Volcanic Ash (and/or energy stones), they emit both negative ions and earth based energy frequencies which benefit the body on a continual 24/7 basis for life! They work primarily by balancing out all the negative man made energy and frequencies we cannot avoid every day of our lives!