John Anderson


For the last 6-8 months I’ve been working on developing better, more sustainable forms of health through meditation and controlled diet, among many other things.

Throughout those months I have been in a highly urbanized area, constantly surrounded by devices and structures just jam-packed with those EMF radiations that harm us; since putting on the Scalar Energy Pendant I have CERTAINLY noticed how much less influenced I feel by these things.

People don’t take seriously enough the effect that their smart-phones, computers, etc. have on their mind and body, generally due to lack of awareness.

This pendant neutralizes nearly all out-standing effects of these devices and will help greatly in clearer thinking. I have given several to friends and family, and they all now agree that these pendants are simply a must-have. 🙂

Quantum Pendant Testimonial Bryan


Upon wearing the Pendant, I felt a sort of boost in my heart. As if it were suddenly supported.

I immediately noticed increased strength as well as a dramatic boost in mental clarity and focus. I decided to wear the pendant through my sleep and for the first time in years I was able to wake up rested, with much more wakefulness than I have been used to. I could also remember my dream that night, something I haven’t been able to do in months. A few other things I noticed with use of the Scalar Energy Pendant are more clarity in my voice, relieving of aches in my stomach, back, neck as well as an end to the migraines that I had been developing over the past few months.

The most important benefit I’ve noted was how my social anxiety was no longer the intense issue it has been for years. I am able to go out into the world and do what I need to do without feeling so anxious.

Patrick Yeates


I love your product.

It blows “q-link” away and its the only thing that’s kept me awake in work these last few days. I went back partying for the holiday and was averaging about 3 hours sleep a night. If it wasn’t for the Quantum Pendant I’d say i wouldn’t have made it through. So thank you.

3 Months Later…

I bought the Quantum pendant 3 months ago, this hasn’t been my first kind of pendant, i have in fact tried them all.

As a day to day man i spend a lot of time online and near electronics and as a healer i spend a lot of time around others energy.  So i needed something powerful, not just a “candy floss” pendent.

After wearing the pendent for some time now it’s quite obvious it’s the real deal, my energy levels soared and the shielding quality of this device when working near any electronics is palpable!!! It’s like a mini generator and you can really feel its effect emanating strongly.

Its hands down the best money can buy and buying from Ryan’s website means you get it at its cheapest price.

Ryan has been a fantastic help and is genuine in his support to others.

I am a very very happy, healthy customer

Svenn Quantum Pendant Testimonial


Here’s a regards from Norway.

I got the pendant in the mail 5 days ago. In these few days I have used the pendant, the pain in my shoulders and arms has disappeared. I am completely speechless. My mother who has operated in her shoulder, and has lost almost all muscles in the shoulder and arm, got to try the pendant a few hours when she was visiting me.

In the short time she was able to lift up her arm, which has been impossible before.

My mother has gone to rehab for six months to work up the muscles again, but have never received such result as today, with the pendant on. It was simply shocking. She almost didn’t believe it herself.

Quantum Pendant Testimonial


I no longer get headaches from my cellphone or cordless phone, and I sleep SO much better at night. Even on 4-5 hours sleep I’m energetic and have had motivation like there’s no tomorrow. Serious, unbelievable motivation. I can’t believe how much I’m getting done! Not to mention I am rarely irritable anymore, and my husband the same. It’s like we’ve been given happy pills!

My friend’s 1.5y/old daughter used to never sleep through the night, waking up over 5 times. The first night wearing the pendant, she only woke up twice and slept in until 10am. Now she’s sleeping through the night (the pendant under her mattress, not around her neck). This friend also gave her pendant to a woman with fibromyalgia. She went into full-blown detox and has been feeling better since!

– Jess Smith – Reiki Master/Teacher – Healing, classes, workshops, and card readings

Love and light and many blessings to you!


“FINALLY!! Something that works!”

I’ve had GERD for about 10 years now. It has progressively gotten worse until about 2 years ago I went to see an allergist.

My symptom is excessive coughing- no heartburn, no pain. I thought I must have allergies or a respiratory issue. I tested negative for any allergies, there was no sinus infection, and my lungs were the healthiest and strongest of anyone he’s ever seen. I just have this awful cough that can escalate to fits that leave me gasping for breath!

I’ve tried aloe, enzymes, probiotics, Tums, Zantac and even PPI’s- nothing worked. I’ve developed my own theory (too long to explain here) and decided to try alkaline water to neutralize the acid that irritates my esophagus and makes me cough.

FINALLY!! Something that works! I’ve been drinking it 9 days now and only have had 1 day that was a little rough. Before the alkaline water sticks I’d never had 2 good days in a row. I believe I could be on the way to complete recovery. These alkaline water sticks really work- be careful because they are strong! 15 minutes in my water is all I need. Thanks Ryan!

“It has been 2 years now and I never felt pain since then.”

Thank you for informing me. I just wanted to let you know that back in December of 2011 I ordered 5 pendants back when I was working in Alberta, and I really didn’t think much about them when I placed the order. I really didn’t think they could benefit me. It sounded to good to be true. The only reason I ordered 5 instead of just 1, was because you had a sale on, and you were selling the pendants for much less then anyone else. I figured I could give them away if they didn’t work like I expected. I hoped they would work, but I honestly was convinced that it was a scam.

When the pendants arrived within a few days, I put one on, and didn’t notice anything happen. I didn’t feel anything different, but something did happen. I am in pretty good shape to begin with. I spent several years in the army and I was a paratrooper (Airborne). After years of jumping, I developed pain in my feet and shins. It got to the point that if I was sitting for 30 minutes and got up and started to walk, the soles of my feet and my shins would hurt quite badly. Once my muscles warmed up the pain would go away, unless I was walking down stairs. I could go up stairs, but walking down stairs was extremely painful all the time. I could not run down a flight of stairs. After I tried the pendant on I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel a boost of energy, or anything like that. What did happen amazed me. I had ordered some Chinese food and about 40 minutes after I was wearing the pendant the doorbell rang. I was on the top floor, and I grabbed my wallet and started to run down the stairs, and by the time I got 3 quarters of the way down I realized that I was running down the stairs, and I felt no pain. I mean absolutely no pain. I was shocked. After I paid for the food, I walked back up the stairs and placed the food on my desk and I wanted to see if I had imagined this. I started to walk down the stairs slowly and nothing. No pain. I started to run up and down the stairs and nothing. No pain what so-ever. It has been 2 years now and I never felt pain since then. I ended up giving the rest of the pendants away to friends and everyone noticed improvements. That is why I am ordering two more pendants now.

The pendant I have now is still good, but the cord, is starting to get frayed which isn’t bad considering I shower, swim, and sleep with the pendant on. I only took it off in the past two months to see, if i would feel different. In two and a half months, the pain in my feet and shins didn’t come back, but my sleep was not as good. While wearing the pendant I sleep better, and can get less sleep and function better then when I get 8 hours without the pendant. This isn’t a placebo effect. These pendants are great. I know you already know that, but I still have a hard time believing that this pendant could and did change my life. I can run and hike pain free. That is why I am a returning customer. Thank you for selling a pendant that works. I will wear one always because they do work. I am wearing the pendant again and I sleep better and I don’t require as much sleep to feel good. I am never fatigued. These pendants work and I wish everyone had one.

Thank you for selling a pendant that works.


“Proof from a Medical Test that my Infection is Gone”

Hi Ryan,

I have been wearing my Quantum Pendant (Angel Design) that I ordered from you on a daily basis since I have received it. I love it!

Here is what I have already experienced from wearing my quantum pendant for almost 2 weeks now. 9 days ago my doctor prescribed to me some antibiotics for an infection. I am very sensitive to any medications and always prefer to go a natural route when it possible with my health. So, I did not take the antibiotics, as I got a gut feeling that the antibiotics would produce other adverse side effects that I did not want to go through.

Well, I just spoke with my doctor (9 days after the diagnosis) and she let me know I no longer have the infection and that my test results came back negative. As it was my own decision not to take the antibiotics, I know that by wearing my quantum pendant on a daily basis for almost 2 weeks now it had adirect result in ridding my body of the infection. And after receiving a negative test result as medical proof that the infection is gone I know that it was best to follow my intuition to wear my quantum pendant on a daily basis.

In addition to receiving proof from a medical test that my infection is gone, my quantum pendant has also provided me me with the added benefits of increased energy, mental clarity, uplifted mood, better sleep and remembering my dreams when I place it under my pillow at night, as well as energizing my drinking water, lotions & vitamins ~ Thank you for a fantastic product!!!!! Blessings to you, Jolee


“Success in eliminating localized pain and aches”

Hey Ryan,

So I ended up receiving the pendants on Weds., which was great and I just got back from my extended travels to St. Louis and Mexico and I must say that these pendants are truly terrific!

I think my body is still adjusting to the pendant’s energy because I’ve noticed that when I wear them for a while, there is a strange feeling in my chest but when I use mine on others, I feel like a miracle worker, lol.

I’ve convinced numerous family members of the true power and healing benefits of these pendants. So far I’ve been successful at relieving and eliminating knee and joint pain in my grandma by passing the pendant over the affected area. I have helped alleviate my mothers migraines with my pendant. And I have had success in eliminating localized pain and aches in the bodies of several other family members with the simple wave and movement of my pendant over their spots of discomfort. It’s truly wonderful and gratifying to be a part of that healing process.

I definitely plan on purchasing at least 10 more to give away to friends and family because I have seen and felt the positive effects of these pendants and I wanted to thank you for making these available and educating the public at large about their wonderful healing/protective properties! I’m so happy to have them and can’t wait to buy and share some more of these natural wonders! I can’t thank you enough 🙂