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How to Use a Quantum Pendant / Scalar Pendant

Are you wondering how to use a Quantum Pendant / Scalar Pendant?

There are numerous uses. The image below however is a great summary of some of its main uses!

The main separation of our pendants from the rest is that we’ve tested our pendants ourselves and we wear/use our OWN products daily.

I put extra pendants and cards in my plant pots, I put a pendant on my head if I (rarely) have a headache, in the same way I’ll put a pendant on a bruise or injury to speed its healing.

We have tested over 40 different designs from multiple manufacturers and the design/model/source of lava ash and pendant we use is VERY intentional. It consistently has shown to be the best on the market in our tests. Which is why we use it and sell it!

If you’re looking for a Quantum Pendant / Scalar Pendant, then the best thing I can say is that we 100% guarantee, the product you get from us will have no superior. In the sense that if you use our pendant, you don’t have to concern yourself if maybe there is a better lava rock pendant. We assure you there isn’t!

To sum it up there are numerous ways in which you can use a quantum pendant / scalar pendant. The key is to just use it though, wear it, every day. Just observe the subtle differences it can make for you! We can’t promise the world with it (although some people experience massive shifts with it), although we can tell you that it will help!