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Scalar Energy Pendant

Scalar Energy Pendant – Benefits

The Scalar Energy Pendant Benefits wearers by emitting earth energy into their body 24/7. This is accomplished by emitting Negative Ions and Deep Earth Frequencies via the Icelandic Volcanic Rock contained inside the pendant.


Our scalar energy pendants also known as Quantum Pendants will emit energy for life. Some of the benefits you can experience from a Scalar Energy Pendant include:

  • Increased Energy!
  • Improved Immunity!
  • Faster recovery from exercise
  • Pain Reduction (Great for those with chronic pain from an unknown cause)
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce symptoms caused by electronic devices (aka EMF Protection)
  • Improved sleep

Similar to the effect experienced at a black sand beach or in a hot spring, Scalar Energy Pendants emit the same earth energy directly into your body where they can benefit a myriad of ailments.

Most importantly the energy helps to put your body back in touch with nature and reducing the negative consequences of modern living. In other words, all the cell phones, tablets, laptop and other electronic gadgets are consistently putting man made unnatural frequencies into your body.

These frequencies can create health issues over time as studies are now starting to show. By wearing a Scalar Energy Pendant you are reducing the negative effects these devices have on your body.

Why is that?

Put simply, man made electronic devices emit something called positive ions. In abundance these ions will cause numerous symptoms within an individual. Everything from headaches, joint pain to immune suppression and WORSE!

Positive ions will create free radicals within your body which will create a very toxic degenerative state within your body.

The solution is NEGATIVE IONS! Negative ions offset positive ions. A Scalar Energy Pendant benefits you by emitting negative ions FOR LIFE!

So no matter what environment you’re in a Scalar Energy Pendant keeps you in touch with natural earth energy, allowing your body to thrive in the way nature intended!